what i’ve learned of wounds

Ari Francesca
3 min readSep 29, 2023


around this time last year, i decided to lay my armor down and concede to the truth.

the truth: for the sake of my own survival, i was responsible to myself for a dynamic paradigm shift.

call it darwinism or whateva. in nature, when a parasite is draining the life from an organism it’s a life or death matter for both organisms. my body was racked with so much somatic pain — my right leg and back were on fire all day long. i went to doctors and physical therapists and energy healers. acupuncturist and masseuses. all of them said these words, “somatic pain.” after my first session with my energy healer — she extended, “you are dying trying to heal someone else’s deep, gaping wound. climb out and care for your own.” she magic, y’all.

the paradigm shift was calling me to stop selfishly throwing band-aids at the wall. actually assess the wall for what it was and what it really needed. it wasn’t a wall at all. it was a wound. to which my alchemic therapist offered, “if you want that wound to heal, baby. stop touching it.”

this year, i finally did. i left it alone to tend to my own.

what I’ve learned of wounds: with enough air and the right care a wound can heal itself. ain’t that God? not attention — but care. bc care and attention are not synonymous. you hear me? care and attention are not one in the same — we’ll address that elsewhere. but breathe that in, baby.

to get that good deep stratum basale layer healing you have to befriend time. pull out your crockpot, honey. cain’t no microwave or instapot satisfy this recipe.

one thing I tell my kids all the time — “do it right so you don’t have to do it twice.” and when I tell you i am staying inside those lines this year with permission to embrace the messy mystery of healing while the paradigm is shifting and still shifting and even still, i’m shifting.

rumi says, “the wound is where the light enters.” i used to believe that meant: there’s beauty in the wound, crawl inside and be in the light.

now, I know that to mean: the wound illuminates the way forward, but to focus on the wound is ultimately blinding.

what i know of light: if man can build a pyramid that concentrates electromagnetic energy deep in its internal chambers and under its base — then baby, surely God designed me to channel the light within to navigate a way out.

you understand? it’s already in me, before me, above me, and guiding me. a paradigm shift might require you to channel the glimpse of light within your wounds to find your way out… and let that thang heal itself.

concentrate on the expansion of your own light for your life’s sake. don’t let these parasites devour what God promised, honey. you too sweet for that. 😘



Ari Francesca

southern poet writing at the intersection of faith + women | ATL, Ga